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Behind the Lens

You may be wondering; "Why Aurora?" Well the answer to that is simple! Aurora is the Goddess of Dawn, and Dawn is the new beginning. When you are offered a new beginning its like a portal to your memories. I live my life always looking into what can become versus what has been. So each day you have the ability to look in the mirror and create something never to forget. Why wait? Every day memories can be made, and in time they can be forgotten, or the memories can fade. To me capturing those memories is what makes me tick. It could be anything from capturing a child walking, to an adults birthday party, and everything in between. There are so many times of memories, and those are the type that many hold dear to themselves.

So, who is the chick behind the lens? Well, my name is Jennifer and I like to consider myself a keeper of the memories. I am also recently married (so I DO know what you lovely brides are going through!!!) to the luckiest guy in the world, Aaron; a mother to two furry, meowing kitties, Enkii and Khali and an adorable Great Pyrenese/Lab puppy mix; named Mielikki. I have displayed and shown photos in gallery settings multiple times. I recently graduated with my Bachelors degree -- in Photography. I am a talker; and love to see whats going on, and meet new people in the process. I don’t want to be just the person who takes pictures, I want to be the person people turn to when they have an epiphany or are overcome with joy. I am one of the girls.